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hiv symptoms

Had a possible exposure 8.5 weeks ago with a broken condom with a woman of unknown staus feeling horrible about it. I was having night sweats and mild sore throat 4 weeks after exposure was stressing out so went and got checked at almost 6 weeks which came back neg. 1.5 weeks later developed a sore throat and now my g/f has a sore throat and hast developed swollen glands in her neck at first they hurt but now are just swollen and i have had a dry mouth and sore throat for the last 1.5. Going to get tested at 3month mark but I am seriously feeling horrible right now..
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They would not come on this late in early infection. There is no common area where they will be, but it is unlikely for them to be on one side of the body and not the other (i.e. One side of the groin only) - I would not worry about your symptoms and get tested at the 3 month mark

Most people who test NEG have swollen nodes and most who test POS do not have symptoms at all. That is why symptoms do not tell you anything.
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Testing is your only way to know your status, Symptoms do not mean anything at all.
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So was the test i had a good indication that i don't have hiv or could these symptoms indicate that i do have hiv.. since i got my results back night sweats stopped but since i got a sore throat they have came back.. and sometimes I get muscle aches but it comes and goes like almost feels like it bruised or something.
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do not feel horrible. what has happened is in the past. i strongly suggest you be calm at such a juncture. It is very likely, that your 'symptoms' are being caused by anxiety and guilt- because you had a sexual encounter outside of your relationship, and also because you feel there is a danger you infected your girlfriend. this is what i understand from your post. if this is inaccurate, please let me know, and i will profusely apologize.

you will just have to wait till the 3 month mark to ge a conclusive test, as has been emphasied by all the experts on this forum. i wouldnt rely on a 6 week negative, but yes , it is a great indicator of your eventual status.

the best you can do at this point is to remain calm, and realise that alot of your symtoms could very well be due to anxiety, brought on by guilt.

i wish you well, and please do return and tell us about your final test results.
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So was the test i had a good indication that i don't have hiv - Yes, but you still need a 3 month test.

ARS symptoms DO NOT come and go
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i now hove a hard just below my collar bone  on the left side doesn't really hurt unless i start trying to move it. it is swelled up quite a bit could this be a swollen lymphnode and one side of my neck is a bit swollen. Is swollen lymphnodes due to hiv can it on one side and not the other. Im really scared about this one because it is quite big and have no idea where it came from.
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