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hiv symptoms

Got an uncovered bj from a korean masseuse in early september.

I took an quick hiv test the first week of October which was negative and a full blood test a day later and was negative.  Std

I now have stomach noises, burping, and sharp, pinprick pains in my hands and feet.  I have pain in my uretha and in my groin area sometimes.  All the pains are off and on.  

I feel guilty and anxious.  I am taking my 3 month test in a couple weeks.  

How does it look for me?  Do the symptoms I describe sound like HIV?

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U are absolutely zero risk and do not need from hiv testing,your symthomps is create by your guilty and anxious.
U are safe n stop worrying hiv stuff beacuse u are hiv negative.
Stay safe!!!
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Thanks.  Doesn't help how I feel, though.  It hurts to breathe sometimes.  Pains I've never felt before pop up.  Thankfully, I sleep well through the night.  I feel horrible for some of the people I've read here.  I now know what it feels like to be in pain without explanation.  

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I do have a question.  How many people come back here to share their results, both good and bad?
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Not many, because when they are told they didn't have an exposure they accept the fact they didn't have a risk.
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Good point.  
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I believe that another reason why people don't always come back to report their negative results is because they are embarrassed that they made such a huge deal out of nothing.
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I see,u can look @the people post here.
Your syhmthomps really not a hiv related it's a panic attack or you feel guilty.
Stop worrying now,leave the internet and have a peace of mind forget hiv stuff or if u can't better seek help from a psychiatric,tq.
Stay safe!!!
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I know I'll never have sex again.  I'm going solo from here on out.  Nothing is worth the stress and worry I've put myself through.  Lesson learned.
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You dont need to stop having sex, you just need to learn what is safe, what isnt, and then take appropriate steps (ie wear a condom) to eliminate any risk.
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It's not possible to never have sex again,it's human nature--all you have to do is play it safe.
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please,do not being a sex phobia,that's a human need...
1st u are safe from hiv
2nd your syhthomps never related of any hiv ARS...
3rd always use a protection
4th keep on and move on to your happy life without worry of this three kind of word call HIV u are never getting this Virus.
stay safe!!!
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