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hiv symptoms

Hi I don't know what is happening to me.I am having all of the symptoms and everyone is saying that getting oral is not a hiv transmission,but i am having all the symptoms.I have rashes that comes and goes,diarrhea from about 5 day now,stomach pains,my fingers are peeling now from 5-6 days too.There are some small red spots in my mouth and my legs and stomach are vibrating for no reason.What causes all this.My doc said to my you have to test for hiv,but the clinic says i have to wait 3 months and now is been only 7 weeks.Any ideas?
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Your doctor is wrong,there is no requirement for you to have an HIV test because you only engaged in oral sex and that is zero risk.
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Dont go by the symptoms.
Oral sex is not considered as a risk for hiv transmission.
Keep calm
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thanks all of you i know it is not a risk but when i go to doctor and explain to him that a had oral and my symptoms the only thing he said is get a hiv test.I don't know what to think.What else can cause me this things can it be scabies? i don't have insurance and tomorrow i will go to the clinic to speak with them and hope to suggest me for what should i get tested.I get tested only for gono and it is negative.If you have any ideas what it could be i'd be glad to hear it.Thanks again any thoughts will be appreciated.
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You don't need an HIV test because you never had a risk.
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