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hiv symptoms

Hi all..i had a risk with a csw on 12th feb 2015..where we kissed rubbed body ..n i fingered her while she masturbated me...there was no sexual intercourse..the second exposure was with a transgender where she gave me a protected oral sex..meanwhile i sucked n bite her nipples that happened on 28th feb 2015...the third exposure was on 2nd march 2015 with a massage girl...where she used her breast to massage me..i hugged kissed her neck and sucked her breast..there was no intercourse nor blowjob took place..i didnt finger her..but what worries me is after the massage and during bathing with her..i saw red spots like rashes on her breast which may have come in contact when i sucked her...i took a hiv duo prick test that tests for ag and ab on 28th day from my last exposure on 31st march which came back negative..however on 2nd april i had terrible flu followed by pain under my jaw that i assume as swollen lymp gland as i can feel smtg under my jaw and it is painful..im having fever flu headache and body ache..is this hiv symptoms..or just some viral fever as i have a bad sinus as well...please reply is my hiv duo test reliable or is it hiv ars symptoms...please help...im freaking out...
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You never had the risk so no need for testing
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Hi...thanks for the prompt response..just to be sure...28 days duo hiv test is conclusive right despite of symptoms that appear 2 days post the result...and the symptoms u mentioned earlier have nothing to do with hiv right..even the swollen lymph gland under my jaw? Please reply..just for reassurance and peace if kind...please help
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Hi...someone plss reply...im freakin outt
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Their is no need for you to freak out, you do not get HIV out of thin year and symptoms do not appear so fast. Enjoy your life mate rather than being driven by anxiety
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