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hiv symptoms

Hi im looking for answers as I feel like my world is turning black im 26 male .early November I met a guy at a public toilet  how stupid am I ?? I couldn't even see him as it was a glory hole. I poked my penis through he didnt suck it just was rubbing it . Then he went.  Maybe he pricked me with a needle . Do you think I would of felt it peirce my circumcised  penis ?? Anyway just 2 weeks ago I had night sweats . Nausea feeling but never been sick. I had really waterey diarrhoea   Sore muscles and neck ache.. all symptoms have gone but what im left with is a rash which is on my arms shoulders chest and neck doesnt itch and its blotchy red but its not raised.  When I push it . It turns white then straight to red. Also ive noticed when I look at my arms sometimes they have little raised pimples on them like you get when your cold then thet go away and come back again.  Im wondering if I made a stupid mistake of googling my symtoms . Im very stressed and got bad anxiety about this . Can your mind make your bodyproduce ssymptoms like diarrhoea and my other symptoms that ive had . Also can you get rashes from stress. Please reply im a nervous wreck
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Also when I get in the bath the rash shows up more . They are not spots but full patches of red . Ive checked and they are on my back aswell
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Please please can anyone help me
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Nobody poked you with a needle. Your anxiety and irrational thinking needs to be addressed. You had zero risk for HIV. You can only get HIV through unprotected vaginal sex, anal sex or by sharing needles.
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Anxiety and stress is likely the cause of all your symptoms.
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Okay im gunna get some help thank ypu for a reply . Im sure you would feel a needle prick on the end of a penis right ? Also ive no other symptoms now apart from a rash which is burning , ive read you get all the symptoms at the same time . And do you think its not a bit late on tp get a rash ?
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You would notice. I think because your stressed the bloodpressure is high, cortison is high and your looking more closely to your body. The rash sounds more like Urticaria as you mention it's worse when shower/bath. This doesn't have to be raised etc. What I understood that high fever and sore throat is most for hiv. For peace of mind just do the test. If negative you know 100% it's not from hiv. I expect negative result.
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You cannot diagnose HIV by symptoms. Only people who have had real and legitimate risks (unprotected vaginal sex, anal sex, sharing needles) need to test for HIV. You had absolutely no risk. Why would you even fathomly think someone poked your penis with a needle? It is outside the world of rational.

You don't have HIV and any tests you take are a waste of money, time and resources.

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As kapster1978 said. Stress, anxiety (high cortisol) causes all sorts of symptoms including a rash.
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And all I have now is a rash no other symptoms , I goolged it and it says you habe symptoms all at once.  I think its a bit to late to start having symptoms now isn't it ?
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