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hiv symptoms

please give me some advise..
how many days later a hiv seroconversion symptoms occur and how many days he persist..
i had a vaginal exposure in march and i occur ARS symptoms after more than 3 Month later since last exposure and did not go away till now.. symptoms is mild fever.fatigue . diarrhea.nasal congestion. i taken a lot of medication course but they not going away till now my gp is saying for a hiv test but i am very very terrified from test please suggest me could this be hiv symptoms..
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Did you use a condom?
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sorry for late reply sir..yes sir but i am unaware the condom was expired and also condom was not latex..but one thing for sure condom was intact.in whole exposure and did not break..but i am not know if very little hole in condom..
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If you used a condom and it was intact you never really were exposed.  Condoms are made with 2 objectives - to protect from STIs and avoid unplanned pregnancy.

Symptoms don't occur 3 months post exposure and ARS symptoms are never mild.  When it happens you will know.  Its comes down heavy and you will need to go to ER.

However,  you dont have to worry about about any thing because you were never exposed. I suggest you must take your anxiety problems to the relevant forum.

thanks for your kind advise sir i really appreciate it and try to my anxiety under control.
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sir my symptoms occured after 5 month later and they come one by one not at all one time...only mild fever.fatigue.and dirreah occurred at one time and till now not go away..
should i need test are i don't need test because i had protected sex and my symptoms are not related to hiv and they are any other illness... please one more time give me answer please
You are not having HIV symptoms.  You had protected intercourse and had ZERO risk for HIV.  You do not need to test.

I have no idea what your symptoms are, likely anxiety, but they are NOT related to HIV.
thanks for your kind advise i really appreciate it and try to keep my anxiety under control and i will work with my gp and try to figure out why the symptoms are come and what are the ilness give this symptoms...
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You have been given correct and definitive answers by both Psyntax_error and CurfewX regarding your HIV concerns. As they both pointed out, you never had a risk for HIV in the first place, so your continued obsession is  anxiety driven and you need to address that with your doctor. Untreated anxiety can rapidly become debilitating, so I would strongly urge you to speak with your doctor as soon as possible.
We all wish you the best
thanks RW...i really appreciate your advice and try to under control my anxiety..but my body had reacted some strange thing from almost 6 month from my exposure..and my gp is not figure out what happened in me.. because of this thing i am thinking about hiv so i was ask this question because i had occurred hiv symptoms after more than 5 month since last exposure...but you guys are amazing and you helped me very much getting out if this anxiety...i will try my best didn't think about hiv...
thanks miss RubyWitch i really appreciate your good advice...and try to calm down from hiv phobia..
i am same to your shoes helpneed1 bro i had exposure 5 1/2 month ago i had some symptoms after 5 Month of exposure and i find what is causing if this symptoms..but anyway i will try with my doc what happened in my body...
thanks a lot all good people...
carry on with your dr worriedplzhelp.and try to figure out what happen..
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