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hiv symptoms

is tingling a common symptom as the sign of hiv? my exposure was 6 weeks ago now, but i still have symptoms, i  try to relax but the symptoms persist, its been about 6 weeks now with symptoms especially the tingling sensation in hands and sometimes in feet most after waking up, is this very common. my 4 weeks test was negative twomorrow i am going to do the 6 weeks if  am negative 2morrow (i am praying for it) what is the percentage i am not infected?
thank you to everyone that helps here
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has someone experienced this
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You can't indicate HIV with the help of symptoms, they just mean NOTHING, if you had a potential exposure, you need to get a confirmatory test at the 12th week.

Your 6 weeks negative is very very unlikely to change.
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Also, tingling in the arm and feet has nothing to do with HIV ARS, it's an anxiety symptom.
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thank you for replying i am really anxious and feel very bc my gf is not feeling well she is having nausea and stomachache if i have something i donot want her to have anything i am the one that should pay for everything not her, you think 4 weeks negative is promising
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4 weeks negative is promising as u still dont have hiv...6 weeks negative is 98% conclusive (thats what the doc told me last time when i collected my 7 weeks)..3 months is the final test u need to take to confirm everything..now coming to symptoms..they will kill u..i know its hard to forget them..sometimes u will be fine and at other times..they will haunt u...i am myself running to my doc later today cause i found some kind of balck spot underneath my eyes(besides all the other symptoms i have already)...i believe u sud keep urself bury..then u will 4 get bout the symptoms..i have a wife..and since yesterday she had diarhea..and this is haunting me now....
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thank you for replying i know its hard when u found all this similarities like the symptoms very familiar with those of hiv i am just praying that everything goes well especially for my gf.
good luck to you and your family and by the way the other i was looking at my eyes bc they were red and found a dark spot on the white part of the eye very scare for that too let me know about the eye spot,
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