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hiv symptoms

i did not check the website for a couple of days trying to relax and not think in symptoms, after i had my 8 weeks neg result after exposure i did not feel a lot of symptoms for about 2 weeks but i started to feel strange symptomes, i felt very dizzy like i am drunk and have no equilibrium, now my worries of being infected came back,
is this an hiv symptom? and can you feel symptoms 2 months after exposure or is it too late for symptoms? thank you
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That would definitely be too late for symptoms of primary HIV infection (or, ARS). Besides, your 8 week negative is, really, a pretty good indicator that you do not have HIV. So, perhaps time to stop worrying about HIV, v1905. Sure, if you remain concerned, go ahead and get a test at 3 months, but trust me, your 8 week negative is very, very, very, very unlikely to change.

If you feel that something is wrong with your body, by all means, go visit a doctor. I would hate to be dizzy all day - I am clumsy enough as it is. But, whatever is causing it (ear infection, perhaps?), it isn't ARS.
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thank you for answering my question next week i will have my 3  month test
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