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hiv symptoms

I recieved oral sex from a girl who I later found out was really a man. The oral sex was brief less than 30 seconds and I had no other sexual relations with this person. I have been very nervous and I guess some what paranoid for no reason. The exposure was over 3 months ago(december 22) and I haven't experienced any symptoms although  a couple of days ago I now have a sore throat(march 20) but no other flu like symptoms. I did have a dry cough for about a day. I have always been told that the flu like symptoms from hiv would show up in 7 to 14 days and no later than 4 weeks after exposure and this is 13 weeks later and I know is probably completely unrelated to my contact with this person. Is this true? and also what are the odds that you could contract hiv from this form of exposure? I guess I am being a little outrageous especially since I don't even know if this person has hiv.
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You were never at risk.
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can you expand on that teak. How was I never at risk?
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Receiving oral sex is not a risk for hiv infection. Period.
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Saliva is not infectious.

Insertive oral is no risk.  Receptive oral is extremely low risk.  Studies of sero-discordant couples which detailed thousands of acts of unprotected oral resulted in no seroconversions of the negative partner.

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how did you find out he/she was a man? did he/she look like a woman? did you see his/her genital region during this encounter? thanks
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