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hiv symptoms

so this is the case i got drunk my girlfriend and i split up i had sex with this female that i know we had unprotected sex  
which we were both very drunk and foolish well me and my girlfriend wound up getting back together the next day and had intercourse so seven days from possible exposure i have had no symptoms other than dry mouth caused by anxiety but she has developed theese small bumps that are not red slightly risen bumps almost like pimples but not red or anything just skin colored bumps around her whole neck and under chin is this possible hiv symptom and only at 7 days???? we both have an appointment for testing
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oh and diarrhea
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No it was to early to develope symptoms that early and as you know you can't go by signs or symptoms. If you want to test which you should test at 6-8 weeks post exposure and then do a 3 months conclusive test.
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yea were at day 9 and the diarrhea started and the rash is around her neck and under her chin and a little towards her back 9 days still to early
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sorry teak didnt mean to double post was  just trying to give you the most accurate information thanks for the info and god bless
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i looked at pics of hiv bumps and didnt see anything like this are bumps not associated with hiv?? have just blotches and rash also i had a test yester day wich would be close to 2 weeks negative but prolly to early to tell yet
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