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hiv symptoms?

I had unprotected oral sex with a woman in may 2008 receptive and given. Then during intercourse the condom broke. About 6 and a half months later I got flu like symptoms that lasted a few days which developed into a chest cold. I went back to work after the flu symptoms subsided and the cough would not go away. 2 weeks later I developed pneumonia went to the doctor and got some antibiotics and was fine in a few days but the cough persisted. I returned to the doctor and had x-rays done on my chest which came back negative. I was told that the cough was a post nasal drip from the pneumonia. It definitely feels like that because it is a productive cough but the phlegm is colorless. I take claritin and it helps the pnd but have to take one every 12 hours instead of every day. I thought that was it but I have recently developed painless swollen lymph glands on the left side of my groin and the tip of my upper lip both accompanied with brown blotches under my skin around these areas. Is this HIV? Please help!
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You cannot get HIV from oral sex.  Any symptoms you may have experienced were unrelated.  Symptoms are worthless as indicators of HIV status.

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