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hiv symptoms

last year i dated a guy  who i found out cheated on me we used condoms except for oral sex and maybe "dipping" a few times..well in the last couple of weeks i have had 2 attacks in which i couldn't breathe and had severe chest pains....both times the "episodes" lasted an hour or so and then just stopped..the first one was the worst i had to get an ambulance out and they checked my heart and said everything was fine.  it was really bad chest pains couldn't breathe and sweat wa dripping off of me...bad! the pain is gone but  i stay out of breath that hasn't gone away. i have a dr. appointment in a week. do these sound like hiv symptoms?  
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The dipping may be a very slight risk, if by dipping you mean brief unprotected vaginal insertion, however your symptoms have come on far too late to be anything to do with HIV, as I said you have had a very very low risk, but it is still a risk, you can test now to obtain a conclusive result (unless you have had nay other exposures since), I am confident it will be ok.
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there has been nothing since. i think i may be causing some of this shortness of breath in my mind...i feel better. thank you.
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yeah that sounds like classic anxiety.  it happens a lot.  unless dipping involves unprotected contact with your vagina with his penis then you're fine.
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yeah it was unprotected for less than a minute...no condom..
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chances are pretty low.  i'd get tested to be on the safe side.  your syptoms are anxiety related.  
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As I said a slight risk only, the odds of someone contracting HIV from vaginal sex is 1/1000 and this is if their sex partner is HIV positive and through a decent exposure.
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