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hiv test

Hi I have no symptoms of any acute infection except mild pain in throat.... its almost 18 days post exposure. How much relevant is if I go HIV fourth generation test post 19 days.....I am travelling day after hence cant postpone my worries. ...pls suggest
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If you had an exposure then the only test to be conclusively negative is an antibody at 12 weeks .
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Hi i had unprotected penetrative vaginal exposure. Its 11 day and feeling mild throat pain in one side. No fever no rashes. I have given sample for hiv rna pcr test as well. Too much paniced. Can any other test is helpful. Is throat infection alone can be cause of ars.
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Unprotected sex is a risk.  

You can take a DUO test at 4 weeks, which will be definitive.

You may want to start wearing condoms.  Sex lasts a moment, HIV lasts a lifetime.
How come you changed your opinion regarding the 4th generation test. U said 3 months is conclusive.
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This thread is 2 years old. Testing and guidelines have changed in that time.

If you have questions or concerns, please post a new question.
Thank you
Hey just quick question, can you provide me website or something where i can check where they have changed the guidelines. Thanks alot
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