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hiv test 21 days after

hello doctor
i had written to you about an incidence of unprotected oral sex i had.. thank you for your advise you made me feel more reassured althought i was very anxious. after 20 days from the incidense i had painful urination. i went to a GUM clinic the doctor told me that is urethritis
and i had a stds screening. Everything negative! after two more day i developed two mouth ulcers. Are these related to hiv infection? some times i still feeling my throat sore but i dont have fever all these days. Can i consider the test for HIv in 21 days after "exposure" as conclusive?
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What were you told originally about your risk? Go back and read what was written to you.
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You do not have HIV, you have been already advised by the doctor, please accept it and move on.

Mouth ulcers are more likely to be caused by anxiety than what ever you think of and you don't feel sore throat, you know it is sore throat when you get it, it's absolutely awful.However, you have nothing to worry about when it comes to symptoms because you needed a risk for that, that is some thing you didn't have.
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i had also a forthskin rash red spot thats y i was scared but i have to believe the doctor, you and the facts and move on.. thank you for your support.!
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