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hiv test 3 months/6months?

hello guys!!

just wanna ask u guys on the conclusive result for hiv test is after 3 months of exposure or after 6 months of exposure?

one more thing is how accurate is the hiv tester kit that is sell on the market.. is it accurate enough to compare with the hospital blood test..

thnks guyss..really appreciate it if u guys comment
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dear teak..

im sorry teak,, this question is not similarly same bout the risk of getting hiv nor about anxiety due to risk..

just to add my knowledge whether conclusive test is on 3 months or 6 months..
cause i also heard some said 6 months, so i do take ur comments as my reference to add my knowledge.. really2 dont mean to being repeatitive..

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You never had a risk and don't need testing.
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Hi there teak,,

Happy new year to you..

yes..i admit tht i have no risk and i dont even do a test..=) thnks for ur info b4  this..

i have few quest to ask regarding i have interest in this topic..bout the transmission..
the common way of transmission is :

    - penetrative intercourse w/out protection
    - sharing needle
    - mother to baby from breast feeding..

my question is, as far as hiv is concern, hiv dont stay well outside the host and it requires a penetration for transmission.. , as the virus is inactive when contact with environment,, how actually it can transmit hiv from sharing needle.. my understanding is, when the blood on needle is in contact, dont the virus should be inactive as it is outside its host..thanks for the informative reply!!

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needles used to INJECT drugs are hollow bore needles...blood can remain INSIDE either the needle OR the actual syringe itself.  this in turn...is used by someone else who INJECTS himself.

a straight pin, sewing needle, or a lancet are NOT hollow bore needles that can trap blood inside.
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oh i see.,,,

so is this correct....the virus inside the blood still active even it is in contact with environment?
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think about what i said and what you just asked ! ! !  if blood is trapped...it's not "in contact" with the environment, now is it?
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now i got it..

when it is trapped..the air in the syringe is actually vacum. thus it does not contact with environment, making the virus in blood still active..

whereas..different from vaginal fluid, if vaginal fluid will never been trapped in syringe (lol), thus it became unactive due to contact with air/environment... this make sense that for sex activity, the only way is through penetration... fingering, masturbation, cant carry enough virus + virus became unactive - even when there is cut,abrasion..

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