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hiv test after 90 days

hi doctors i want to talk about my my exposure i hope i get an answer about what should  i do,
3 month ago i traveled to Algeria for a trip i stayed there for 10 days, i slept with a women who claims that she is hiv negative and she doesn't have any diseases. the night i was with her we had sex anal and vagina it was unprotected and she gave me blow job too after we were done i saw a cut on my penis i got worried.
after i came home i took antibiotic for 2 weeks i was worried about bactrial infection, i was in shock this never happened to me and it was new i couldn't eat properly, i lost about 5-6 kilos in last 3 month, my stress level was extremly high, i couldn't talk to anyone, i had stomach problem for up to 4-5 weeks after the event, i got mouth ucler like 3-4 times, i got flu like 2 times in this 3 month.
i took std tests after 1 week every thing was negative
after 2 week i took hiv test 4th generation it was negative
i was still worried i took hiv-1 pcr test at 8 week it was not detected, and i took hiv 4th generation test at 90 days it came back negative
im more scared about hiv type two because she is orginaly from south africa and she came to algeria for work i saw couple websites says people with bad immune system should test again after 6 month i contacted one of the hospitals near me the said they don't have hiv type two pcr here what should i do ?
the 4th generation test at 3 month was enough for hiv type two or should i continue to take tests till 6 month ?
if my immune system got bad during that 3 month what are the chances my body not to produce any antibody ?
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Your tests are conclusive.  You do not have HIV.  4th generation tests detect HIV 1 and 2, and there is no reason to doubt any of your tests, even if you have a "weak" immune system.
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thank you, the doctor in my hospital told me i have to repeat the tests at 6 month and 12 month, i never had any kind of immunodeficiency diseases or problems i was normal guy before the event i had very healthy body everything wad good, i also did WBC test at 11 week everything was normal, but the doctor insisted on testing again, she said there might be a problem with my immune system due to the stress and shock i had in past 3 month, do you think about her idea ?
what do you think about her?*
I think that doctor is not very well educated about HIV and has given you incorrect information.  You do not need any more tests.
i’ve seen couple studies and websites saying hiv 2 window period is longer because the hiv 2 develop slower than hiv 1 and i saw an forum dr. HHH said the window period could be couple weeks longer i don’t know what to do now.
You are free to rely on whatever advice you wish to rely on.  I've said all I'm going to say about your event and testing.
i didn’t mean that you are wrong sorry if you understood like that, i’m asking in this forum because doctors in my location aren’t so good with hiv, i want to hear it from a specialist if hiv 2 conclusive at 3 month or not. i can’t continue with this anxiety and fear inside me
There are no doctors in this forum.  There is NOTHING more for us to say about your event and testing.
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