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hiv test and cervical dysplasia


please help me,I am very anxious.
I have cervical dysplasia,and I have leukoplakhias in portio,and CIN 1.and tri homonas infectious.

my question:
1. cervical dydplasia and precancerous does delay HIV antibodies?

2.when I should take HIV Elisa test?When it is cocnclusive if I am ill?

thanks your help
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1.NO 2. At 3 Months post-exposure.
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but I am precancerous illness and very weak immun system...
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If I take HIV elisa test at 10weeks it's conclusive if  have cervical precancer/ dysplasia?
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3 months post exposure for a conclusive result
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I am a woman and I had unprotected man who had lots of sexual relationship.

I had bleeding wounds in my mouth but he had no ejaculation in my mouth only preejaculation

can i get hiv in this mode?

thanks your help and sorry my englisg
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Unprotected vaginal sex...is a risk. Unprotected oral sex is not a risk.
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I don't understand this because I had bleeding wounds in my mouth and I can get the virus although he didn't ejaculate in my mouth but there was preejaculation...

hiv virus can transmit with blood and ejaculation
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So your saying that these "wounds" were bleeding but you were giving someone oral sex? So you just cut your mouth open when giving oral sex?

Saliva inhibits the virus and does not allow infection to take place.
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Sorry but ny English is poor.I didn't cut my mouth.

I had problems with my teeth and I had routine operation in my mouth before some days ago.the oral sex.
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thanks your reply...

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