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hiv test machine

hi friend, I from Indonesia. I am man. I go to massege 6 weeks ago. The girl put my penis in the vergina unprotect for 7 seconds. Not I want to do and push her out. she up and I sleep down. I test negetive after 4.5 week.

I am from small villege and do not know what test the test shop use but I see EIA. I see internet say 3 generation and 4 generation is better. Now I will one to test in 6 week but can I know the name of machine or test name for 3 and 4 generation?

I hope small villege also got the test as I so so worry. I got family 7 people to work for them. Thank you.

4.5week negetive prove no hiv?
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12 weeks
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This forum suggests a test at 3 months post exposure as conclusive or reliable.
Please do get tested after 3 months time again.Don't panic.
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Thankyou. But what name of test. i need to ask the test shop they got not. I will go Jakarta if my villege no 3 generetion test. test shop paper print EIA (assxym). Is the test not the forum call elisa or is one old test long time no use already. thxs
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Your chances of acquiring HIV from 7 sec unprotected sex is low.However you should test for HIV.

I always advice to do' Fourth Generation ELISA testing for HIV1/2' on 6 week after the exposure.This removes lot of anxiety from the mind .But I don't known whether this test is approved in Indonesia.For this you have to take an advice of a pathologist or any trusted medical professional.

Fourth generation ELISA for HIV1/HIV2

1) 4th generation  ELISA is a DUO TEST (Antibody and Antigen Sandwich Test) .It actually looks for the P24 (protein) Antigen and Antibodies simultaneously.

2) P24 Antigen is almost always present in the body after acquiring the virus till the 4th week after infection and then it disappears .

3)Once the P24 antigen disappears,antibodies starts to show up.

4) ' Fourth generation ELISA for HIV1/HIV2' detects both P24 antigen and antibodies 3 weeks after the exposure.

5) HIV DUO test is said to be best at 28 days and 6 weeks after the exposure.

6) Fourth generation ELISA test sensitivity is >99.5% and specificity >99% to both B and non-B subtypes. If a person has taken the test at the 6 week post exposure.

So I recommended you to do 'Fourth Generation ELISA for HIV1/2'  i.e HIV DUO test 6weeks after the exposure.But 12/13 week testing( 3 months) from any generation of ELISA is compulsory.

A negative results on 6 weeks by 'Fourth Generation ELISA for HIV1/2'
would mean that you would have extremely extremely....extremely low chances to be HIV + in 12/13 weeks .

An advice to you always use condoms while having sex.I am not against having sex but we must responsible while enjoying it.

Always use condom properly and never share needles.
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thank you Chirag. my report from the shop print EIA (asxym)  non-reactive. Mr Chirag think is this 4 generetion test??
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sorry, is EIA hiv1/2 ab (abbott asxym)
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3rd or 4th it doesn't matter 3 months is conclusive.
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Thank you Vance. You are good answer in the forum. Is 3 months 12 weeks or 13 weeks or 30 days(1month) *3. I want go Jakarta. Book ticket tomolow cause very very scare.
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Thank you Vance, I book my fly ticket tomolow.
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