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hiv test negative but.........

Hey. I tested negative for hiv 1/2 through an ora rapid test. It was a free test. But I only took it 7 weeks after i had unprotected sex with a girl from africa.. I have no idea what part. Well.. they told me at the clinic to come back after 3 months and I tested again negative!. BUT they were out of the rapid tests so i had a test that was sent to  a lab (still an oral test. no blood) well, it came back negative and they told me at the clinic to let it go now. But o am worrie dbecause what if she has hiv 2? They told me at the clinic first it probably would have shown up on the first test.. and the second test was really just to "be in the guidlines" t o forget about it.. I am still worried but I geel like they dpon't want to give me another rapid test.. what should I do? I cant ask the girl if she has hiv 2 can I? No!! rite/
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the oral rapid tests today are already reliable. But afaik ELISA is the best way to Diagnose. The 3 months mark is already conclusive. Just let go and live on.
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A Rapid test is an ELISA test.
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thanks teak for the info. can i have links about these tests? so I can help these guys the way you and lizzed helped me. Thanks
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