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hiv test time

hi teak;
what's 3 months equals for weeks?
12 weeks or 13 weeks ?
i have 77 days (11 week )hiv 1- 2 and ag ( vidas ultra 4th genaration combo) test and hiv rna pcr at 64 days (6 weeks )
do i have to re-test ?
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There is no difference except how you figure it. By the number of weeks in a month or by dividing the days in a years by the number of months. 3 months is 3 months.

Did you have a possible exposure?
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yes Teak
I had an unprotected event with sex worker about 5 minutes but i dont know she has hiv or not.
my all tests are ;
at 2 weeks ( 14 days ) i have hiv1-2 / ag negative
at 9 weeks (64 days) i have both negative rna pcr and hiv1-2 / ag (vidas)
and last 11 weeks ( 77 days ) again vidas hiv duo ultra negative..
do you still recommend me re-test ? or are these test are enough ?

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Yes, if you had unprotected anal or vaginal sex. You won't be happy and satisfied if you don't obtain your conclusive test result.  
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it was unprotected vaginal. so at first question i asked to learn conclusive test result time from you Teak
tommorow is day 86 . is it enough time to re-test and finish ?
and sorry for my english.
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Yes that is enough to obtain your conclusive test result.
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There are no tests approved to give a conclusive test result earlier than 3 months post exposure.
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Dr. Jose Gonzalez-Garcia, MD, MBBS, LMS, MRCP(UK), MRCGP, PhD
Dec 06, 2011 To: jjllmm
Thank you very much for your post and welcome to our forum.  I am afraid that it is going to be me answering your question, and not my colleague, Dr Sean.
It is certainly quite unfortunate that you had contracted herpes type 2 in this unprotected sexual encounter.  The negative test that you had at 8 weeks is certainly highly reassuring and a very good indication as it is possible to detect the HIV antibodies already at that stage.  However current UK guidelines still recommend to have a final test at 12 weeks for it to be considered final and fully conclusive.  Having said all that, and speaking out of my own clinical experience, I have never come across anyone testing negative at 8 weeks and then positive at 12 weeks.  Therefore I am very confident that you are HIV negative.
Best wishes,
Dr José

UK Fourth Generation  Testing
Post testing
Page 11
The need for a repeat HIV test if still within the window period after a specific exposure should be discussed. Although fourth generation tests shorten the time from exposure to seroconversion a repeat test at three months is still recommended to definitively exclude HIV infection.

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yes but at your post Dr:Jose is talking about elisa 3th gen.test ..he always give same answers to Elisa.8 weeks and re-test 12 weeks i know.
but for 4th generation tests he says 28 days is conclusive.
please look ( for 32 days ) http://www.medhelp.org/posts/HIV---International/Hiv/show/1985253 he suggest 4th generation to be cunclusive.

again he says negatve duo test is conclusve at 4 weeks

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UK uses 4th generation tests and have for years, the US just started.
When you find a test that was given an approval to give a conclusive negative test result earlier than 3 months by the manufacture or their respective governmental approval agency,  you post it.
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and one more comment from Dr.Jose about telling the differences of 3th generation and 4Th generation test.

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Are any of them on the boards that give approvals for HIV tests? This forum goes by the manufacture and the governmental approved guidelines. Now feel free to do what you want but it isn't up for discussion on what the approvals say.
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hi again teak
from french government has sante


please look page 33 after six weeks they say dont re-test if your test is 4th genaration test.
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I told you to do what you want, it is not up for discussion on the testing guidelines.
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hi teak ;
today i took my hiv 1-2 / ag test results ( day 91 ) negative
can i move on now ?
thank you
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Yes, you can move on.
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