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hiv test

what type of test is a hiv 1 and hiv 2 antibody test? recently i had a test which is hiv1 and hiv2 antibody test , i went to the diagnostics centre at 10:30 am in the morning and my report got ready by 2:30 PM in the afternoon so the entire testing process took not more than 3-4 hrs so now my question is what type of test is it? is it a rapid antibody test or a conventional antibody test?
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a rapid test gives results in 20 minutes.

the amount of time that you get the results from a standard antibody test depends solely on the lab.
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which one is more reliable do you think a standard antibody test or a rapid test?
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both are reliable
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no my point is which one does give early indication of the presence of antibody?
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neither are conclusive until 3 months post exposure.
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so will the same antibody hiv1 and hiv2 test 3 months post exposure be conclusive?
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ELISA is the antibody test used,its not a rapid test and takes time, how ever there are several rapid tests in the market and gives results almost in less than ten minuites, all antibody tests are very accurate, ELISA  is a older version very reliable probably yours was elisa
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no my question will the same antibody hiv1 and hiv2 test 3 months post exposure be conclusive?
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the rapid test is an elisa.

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ok thanks.

recently i had a condom slip off encounter thats why  i am so worried so i had a test post 4 week exposure and the result came negative..so do i need to go for a testing further?
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are you even READING the replies you've been given?
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yes.. but i just want to know what could be my risk level in this encounter?
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