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hiv test

I got a free hiv test today and it came back negative after a half hour wait.  i thought they were doing an rapid hiv oral swab test but they took my blood sample because they said that they stopped doing the oral swab tests for accuracy reasons.  i asked the counselor about the test done and was told that this test looked for antigens as opposed to antibodies and it came back negative.  how conclusive is this test? should i get re-tested? i got this test done to find peace of mind from 2 encounters a few years ago that put me on the high risk category.  The first being a protected anal sex with someone with unknown hiv status, where i was on the receiving end.  although condom was used, we used baby oil as lubricant.  the second was when i performed protected oral sex on someone with unknown hiv status. more recent exposures ( over the last year) were all hand-to-genital stimulations that resulted to ejaculations on my hands. i want to take the negative results to heart and move on.  please advise.
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You were never at risk and didn't need testing. Next time use water base lube. Had you had a risk an antigen test is not conclusive.
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thanks for the response.  its such a great relief to hear that i didnt need further testing.  it took me years to finally confront my fear of getting an hiv test and i dont think i can go through it again. what can you say about baby oil and its damaging effects on condoms?
As ive said, they performed an hiv rapid test on me. they filled up two tubes of my blood taken from my arm and had me wait for 20 mins or so.  do u think my counselor was mistaken about info re antibody and antigen? is an hiv antigen test done the same way an hiv antibody test is done? what is a more common rapid test taken at a howard brown clinic giving free hiv tests?  
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oil based lube can weaken a condom, setting up the potential for the condom to rupture.

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