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hiv testin

if i had the toilet incident feb 3 2011
when should i get tested if i go tomorrow
4/26/11 or 5/6/11 or 5/10/11
only days they will be giving hiv rapid tests
the hiv counselor from the clinic said blood on a toilet seat was a risk
now im more scared
im 5 months pregnant and driving myself crazy with this and a break up
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if you ask regarding somebody who had sexual exposure this is what NY State Dept. of Health says:
How soon after exposure can HIV infection be detected?

Most people who are infected with HIV will test positive within one month of being infected. The period of time after infection, before the HIV test turns positive is called the window period.

When a person becomes infected with HIV, the body makes antibodies to fight HIV. When enough antibodies are developed, the HIV antibody test will be positive. Each person's body responds to HIV infection a little differently, so the window period varies slightly from person to person. Most people infected with HIV will develop enough antibodies to be detected by HIV antibody tests four weeks after the exposure (transmission). Virtually all cases of HIV infection can be detected by three months.
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that "hiv counselor" is an IDIOT ! ! !
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lol even my obygn dr. well the one i go to so he can check my babys heart beat n etc. told me even if i had a cut i cant
and well i know its a bit personal but i have herpes and he told me so did u get herpes from a toilet lol i was like no hes like well than
but i just want to test to have a peace of mind
so should i go tomorrow or til when
and one more question if im taking valtrex will it mess up the hiv test
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for someone who had a risk...YOU DIDNT...3 months is conclusive

NO valtrex will not interfere with the test.

further questions should be addressed on the hiv anxiety community forum.  a link is provided in the bottom right hand corner of this page.

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but 3 months is 12 weeks or 13? im so sorry 4 the bother
i have many problems in life right now im going through
i actually want to seek counseling i feel im going crazy and i want to get better b4 my baby is born
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you do not need testing. RELAX.
Do NOT test at all if all you've doubts about is that "toilet seat" doubt.
LEAVE this forum for good. Do not read anything in internet until your baby will born.

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