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hiv testing accuracy and blood banks

I recently gave blood and received a letter saying that my blood could possibly be infected by the HIV virus. The test performed was the (NAT-HIV) test. It didn't say I came out positive just that there was some suggestion I might have it. It also said that additional tests were performed to detect the presence of viral material and anti-bodies to HIV were nonreactive. Does this mean I don't have it? That it may be a false positive? I don't use drugs of any kind or have ever been sexually active. Also I showed positive for hepatitis B. I got this from infancy from my parents. And it was also positive for the antibodies too for the hepatitis Bc ive been vaccined many times. Could this have effected the results for the HIV test results?I know the NAT is also used for hepatitis C as well. I don't know if B and C are similar though. I can't go to a doctor. So all responses are helpful! Also, I don't know what to think since that was my first time givingblood. Did something go wrong?
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Blood banks do not send out that kind of notice. They send out a notice telling you that your donation was denied and advise you to see your doctor.
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What does that mean then about this letter? Its from blood services about my blood donation. I don't understand. Does that mean I have HIV?
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It means that you go to the doctor and he will run the needed tests.
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Why did u donate blood if u already had heps !!
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I didn't know I had it. I knew I was vaccinated as a child. But I didn't think I'd be carrying around the disease with me. My blood work prior never said I was positive for hepatitis. Until I saw this letter.
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How much would that be to have it tested with no insurance?
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Go to the health dept and test.
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