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hiv testing window

Here goes. I have seen it posted here that the CDC says 3 months for an hiv antibody test conclusiveness. The manufacturers of the tests also make this claim according to posts here. I cannot corroborate these claims anywhere. Very frustrated and trying to get answers or links to source materials for these claims. Thanks.
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Most third gen antibody tests give accurate results 6-8 weeks post exposure.  The CDC is just being conservative.  3 months is the CDC benchmark.  However, third gen tests are much more sensitive now.
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I have seen this said but even find conflicting statements from the CDC in terms of absolute (at least as absolute as a medical test can be) as 6 months for those always on my mind "rare" 3%'ers. Any thoughts or information concerning hiv rna qualitative testing accuracy and window periods? Have read this test is full proof, but expensive.
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Hi there.

The info you have read is out of date, there is no 3%.

If you have had a risk, take a duo 4th generation test any time from 28 days for a concussive result.

Please keep in mind that the web is full of out of date info.

Bet wishes

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the major problem with online , is that u are not sure if the information u are u look seeking is new or old paper
yes site on internet state 3 and 6 month and one year , but u need to understand try to figure it out weathers its new or old paper ,,report could be of any date ... but now the window period had improves .... 4 weeks is consider conclusive... 6 weeks test are conclusive and 6-8 weeks is more then any thing u needed ....
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The CDC still says 6 months for absolute assurance regardless of what anyone here says. The phone operator said it today based on what he was reading from CDC. The same information online coincidentally. AidsVancouver says 3 months, except in very rare cases, which means 3 months is good for most everyone. But not everyone. Not trying to argue, just trying to verify the source of assurance that so many here use to advise with such confidence. I understand odds and percentages, but really like to be sure in life and death matters, which despite what we believe about conclusive testing windows, hiv most certainly is. U mess up 1% you can really screw someone up.
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The one thing that is missing here is what your exposure was?   Good chance your worrying about your ABSOLUTES for no good reason.  
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