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hiv testing

So i recently did some blood tests and its been 7 days from then.... And yesterday i noticed a mild bruise its like 4 cm in a rectangular fashion.... I think it starts to subside it is also a bit painful when i squeeze it ( but maybe i am a bit sore from working out) is there any possibility of infection by the test center or is this bruise normal after a blood test???
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Hello, italian_stalion.

If the blood tests were conducted by a licensed healthcare worker/professional, it is impossible to get infected by their needles as they have been trained professionally for their job.

You may have gotten the bruise from doing physical activity just like you said, probably nothing to worry about.
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Maybe this is not a question for hiv forum but it is on hiv testing.... so i figure to ask you guys
I am not asking if i was infected with hiv by the test center i am asking if it is possible to get an infection or vein infection of some sort. Is it common to get a bruise after a blood test or blood donation cause i just got one and i am sure its from them and not physical activity (the pain might be from other)
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Yes it is common if pressure is not applied long enough on the injection site. It will go away just like all bruises.
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thanx teak!!!!!
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