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hiv testing

i had a 4 week rapid hiv test from exposure i know i need more testing to be 100% sure i am not infected, but what is the probabilty of being infected having a neg result at 4 weeks?, this will help calm my anxiety more
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maybe this will help

Forum-M.D.-HHH3/6/2005 nead_2 Your HIV counselor is behind the times. Modern HIV blood tests can become positive as few as 10 days after infection and are positive in ~95% of infected persons within 3-4 weeks, reaching ~100% by 6 weeks. (Please nobody hold me to precise numbers--but these are close.) It is almost unheard of for a positive test result to be delayed 3 months and especially 6 months. That was the story until a few years ago, but not now.Your exposure was low risk for everything, certainly HIV and syphilis; in theory, herpes (due to HSV-1) might be the biggest chance, and even that's very low.Good luck-- HHH, MD
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thanxs for the advice helps alot god bless you
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I got an Antibody test at 30 days after having sex with a pro using a condom and turned out negative, but appears that I have chlamydia which showed up after 5 weeks. I am scared to death that if I got chlamydia I might have gotten infected with hiv as well.
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