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hiv throw kissing

i was have oral sex with my girl friend it was only kissing mouth with mouth  for 1 min then after 46 days i do compo test hiv 1& 11 ABS and p.24 ag the report is 0.11 only non reactive
i dont have temperature only i have the sore throat for 2 month ... i want be sure do i need and more test ...
thank you
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You never had an exposure.
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"Kissing is no risk, even deep ("French") kissing and even with a person who sores on their mouth or has gum or dental disease."   DR HOOK

"Of course no risk. HIV is not transmitted by kissing, even with sores in the mouth.

Despite the billions of kissing events in the AIDS era, not one case of HIV has been known to be transmitted that way, even though millions of those kisses undoubtedly were with cuts in the mouth or on the lips."  
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thank you so much .... that mean i dont need any more test ?
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Never needed a test to begin with.
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