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hiv transmission after 6 months?

Hi, ive been with the same girl for 6 months. i tested negative at 3 months but she wont test b/c she denies she has hiv and that its stupid because no one has ever came inside her. she did have one partner where she was with for a long time that withdrew but never came inside her. we started having unprotected sex since early october after she got on birth control and i got tested late january. she assures me she had been safe with every single person except the one guy that kept withdrawing but that was towards the last few months of their relationship and they only had sex maybe 7 times or so a month. i started getting extremely fatigued the past 3 days and had a nasty headache for 1 day. no rashes or any other symptoms of hiv. she had the flu the previous week which the doctor prescribed zpak for so im not sure if i just got a small case of the flu and that i healed before it got full blown. i feel perfectly normal now. we both have hsv in the genitals and we both engaged in pretty much the most unsafe intercourse for the past 4 months even during her period and i came inside everytime so i figured i may be infected by january if i did get infected at all but i tested negative. im still freaked out. its been leaving me uneasy for months i dont know why i just suddenly got super paranoid. my biggest question is what are the chances of the unsafe behavior she was in that the guy's precum infected her and also if theres a any reason i should be scared at this point. she just wont test. she seems to be scared but also she makes a good logical point that the likelihood of her being infected is super low. please set my mind at ease, im going nuts every day doing mathematical stats in my head of the probability of infection!!
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You don't have HIV, your test was conclusive. If she doesn't want to test, use a condom correctly and consistently.
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i want her to test, if she doesnt test what do u think the chance she has it are? low? we are getting serious and this is her first time using birth control with anyone. if she wont test i want to know the chance she may have it. i know its reckless :(
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Have no idea don't know anything about her sexual history but the one you should be concerned about is yourself.
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well like i said, shes used condoms with everyone. she only been active for four years and had maybe a dozen partners. only person she was unsafe with was the one guy that would pull out for a few months. no one ever came inside though. thats it. im not only concerned about myself because i do care about her. thanks for the advice. i appreciate it.
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