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hiv transmission

I was shaving some hair from my faces. The skin become red and it felt a little irritated.It was not bleeding actively,  After 20 minutes  one girlfriend come and kissed my faces . I dont know her hiv status positive or negative. Could this be a risky situation for HIV transmission? pls send your comment.
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You were NEVER at risk from what you described

Hope this helps
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thank you very much for your comment. I want to ask another......when I did sexual intercourse, sometime my partner suck my penis . Could this be a risky situation for hiv transmission if my partners have bleeding problem in their mouth ?
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I always use condom.
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there are over a dozen different proteins and enzymes in the mouth that rendered hiv unable to infect.

there are no documented or verified cases of someone contracting hiv through oral sex.  surely, with all the BILLIONS and BILLIONS of blow jobs performed daily, some of those ppl had oral issues and NO ONE has become infected.

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Madam, thank you very much for your comment.
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