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I am a long time HIV anxiety sufferer, I get very stressed by it, I've just read something which has calmed me more than I have been calmed in a long time. For all the anxious and afraid I would advise reading the journal posts on HIV by lizzy, rainlover and joggen, much more reassuring than reading over the forum for days/weeks/months on end
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Good idea, there is a lot of reading.  Here's an article I wrote as well:


No need to continue posting in this forum, as you had no risk.

Look for the HIV Anxiety User Group, it is very helpful.
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Staying on an HIV forum after you have been given assessment will make things worse because you will read people posting on here with what they think is a risk when it's not.It will just confuse you,don't do it.There is no harm in reading a educational journal but keep it to that and then move on.
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Rainlover you know the score, you know the anxious never leave, lets not kid ourselves. Sorry nursegirl I forgot to mention yours, it is a very good read
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But if you say I should stick with the HIV anxiety group I'd be very grateful of a link to it
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Half way down this page on ''related forums'' click on''-- GROUPS. and anxiety will leave when you allow it to.
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Rainlover, if you had suffered as horrifically as I have in your lifetime you would understand the fear, depression, self loathing and utter loneliness I do every living day. I don't know your story but you don't know anything about me, I understand I've outstayed my welcome on the HIV prevention forum and accept you are the expert on this, but please don't preach to me about anxiety and fear as I live with the demons in my head every day
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I have been through what you have and I'm not preaching to you at all but I know what the problem is because I have walked in your shoes.It's the fear of HIV which the media has hidden for years and the guilt from the cheating.The demons in your head are guilt and nothing else.
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Come to HIV LETS TALK and we can chat there if you like.I am the founder and I never ban anyone.Click on GROUPS halfway down this page on the right.
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Yes, listen to Rainlover.  He too came here concerned over a possible HIV issue.  

It's guilt and regret that eats you up....you have to let it go.
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