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I live in the New York suburbs. I have had several massages at local massage parlors, never sex but handjobs. On several occasions the lady giving the massage would put her lips on my penis and sometimes even spit on it. As soon as i realized i would tell her to stop. I have also had unprotected sex with one girl that lives locally about 2 years ago and I am really concerned that i might have hiv. My wife and i are 9 months pregnant and she has just been diagnosed with shingles. I just took a hiv test for a life insurance policy and now i am freaking out! If i somehow gave my wife hiv i would just die..

Please help!
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shingles is from aids. not hiv.
i got shingles when i was 20. shes pregnant, the body undergoes very strange things during that time.
as far as the unprotected sex, she would have to have it to give it to you which is low risk anyway. less than 1% of the u.s. has the disease. not 80% like tv and google says.
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