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i am 25 yr old male from india. last nite i went 2 a bar got drunk and gave blowjob to a guy. he was way older den me. i was not thining at all. today evening i see dat my toungue has a lot of red spots like small red bumps also have itching at the tip of my penis and very small bumps on the head of penis.

I got tested for std/hiv. the std report has come negative, the hiv test result wil come after 2 days. I am very scared. I am taking medicine for stds and fungal infection as of now.

the red spots have not gone or reduced. earlier i had red spots on the tip and cicumference of tongue now dey are spreading towards the center and now on the head of the penis as well along with some itching. i am afraid since its not an std den it might be hiv.

also the guy ejaculated not in my mouth but after dat i again gave him a blowjob. i also remember getting precum in my mouth. he ejaculated again but again not in my mouth. but the precum also got me worried as it can also cause hiv.
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Hiv is not transmitted through oral sex,  giving or recieving. If it was hiv which I believe its not, you wouldnt have symptoms that quick. Test between four and six weeks for peice of mind. But with your sexuality and risks of meeting men and engaging in sexual practices I suggest you test at least once or twice per year.
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not an HIV concern.having test for what you described would be a waste of resources.ars happen 2-4weeks after exposure and lasts about 1-2 weeks.
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