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I have a friend who was dignosed with hiv in nov 09 later was told jan 2010 she had aids. doctors told her she goten it from her husband. cause she has had it for 3 years. she asked her husband which of corce he said no he was negative. but problem is he never show her any test results. i want to know what you guys think. he moved to georgia and she has been trying to get ppl to help her find him to get him tested. i personally think she has the right to know if he is the one who infected her. is there a law to help her find out if her husband infected her. i dont think its right because she was told she had to tell him but the ppl in georgia said that he didnt have to tell her infact they cant tell her. but here in texas they told her that she had to tel him cause she can go to jail.  well he still insist he has no hiv. i want to know is there any way that she can have aids and her husband don't. i dont think thats possible. seeming how hiv is contracted through intercorse penis to vaginal. please help us we need to know
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Sure it is possible. He could be HIV positive and not have AIDS and she could have contracted it somewhere else all together. You nor she can find anything about him due to the HIPAA laws. All the health department will do is send a letter to advise him that he may have been exposed so someone that has tested positive and to seek medical attention.
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Teak  i understand that but ummm thing is tweek wwe here that you caould have hiv for 10years b4 it show up.  well umm she has been in the military since 1997 got out in 2003 always get tested on the regular don;t mess around like that. ok she has had 3 boyfriend in her 32 years of life. and them 3 boyfriends has gotten tested and all negative infact they donate blood on a regular so they always get tested. the doctors are sure she contracted it from her husband. infact they are positive that he gave it to her. she starting to think that also because he refuse to get tested. maybe hes afraid she is going to file charges against him i dont know. but. he ran to georgia because he scared.  she really wants to know dont she has the right to know. ok tweek and she has aids now not hiv anymore. that was within nov 17, 2009 (when she came up positive) January 2010 she was told it was no longer hiv she had aids. . and as i stated before the doctors are 100% sure her husband has hiv and he gave it to her. he refusing to get tested. and its not fair to her as a person or his wife its not fair. i want to help her the law need to change.. she is now afraid that he is messing around with other females and thats not right in no manner. in fact he is going on sex sites and metting females having sex with them. he told her that. how can we get him stoped. someone needs to do something someone need to help her.
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He does not have to test if he does not want to. Yes if he is HIV+ and having unprotected sex then he is a scumbag, but it's his choice to test or not to test. You can not do anything. Tell your friend to speak with a lawyer if she wants or contact the police.

This is not the place for this type of question. This is a risk assestment forum.
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