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honest answers please

Doc, Im white male 21 and stupidly had intoxicated unprotected vaginal with a girl I later found out has been with 20 guys from her. it was about 25-40 minutes and I stopped!  3 wks later woke up with red rash on head of my penis was there for almost 2 mths. it was red bumps. a week later I got sick(4wks after). white spots on my tonsils,pink eye, mild fever off and on, cough, swollen glands and lymph nodes in my neck, and one behind my ear and diarrah. also I started having pain in testies and after getting off. I had a negitive strep and mono spot test, but too ammox just in case. it went away in about 3 days,but have had a sore throat for 3 months and swollen tonsils and glands and SOB or at least pressure in chest area that comes and goes. also I get these red blood spots on the inside of my cheeks. they will be there for a few days then there gone and come back. seem to always be gone when I go to docs. tests are as follows:
8wks negitive HIV rapid
neg chalymdia,Gon, trich
9weeks neg HIV
10 wks neg HIV,HEPB,shyphilis,normal CBC
11 wks undetec. Viral load
14 wks neg HIV
15 wks neg HIV.
Docs tell me I need to retest at 6 months
1) would the ammox I took before the chalymdia,Gon, Trich test killed it if it was there, which would have made me test negitive. it was urinalysis doc thought I had it bc of pain after ejac and in testies.

2)what could cause the red blood spots inside cheeks that come and go
3) could I still be going through seroconversion, should I be concerend with HEP C

4 does HIV casue a rash on head of penis,could it?
5)is there still a chance this might be HIV, please be honest, ARS?

6) would a rapid mono test pick up EBV? also if that was the cause woldnt my current GF have it
7) my current GF/fiance has been tested and negitive when is the point we can go back to having unprotected sex ? she is on BC
what would you look for ?
HEP A, C, D????
please elaberate as much as you can and please be honest .thank you ive read CDC stats

docters want to re test at 6 months.
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i read your pm to me...what else can i say that i havent stated above?
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you are conclusively negative and have the tests to prove it.

you do not need to retest at 6 months.
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sorry I meant to post to everyone not the doctor already done so.... please can everyone in the community comment please?
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there are no doctors her, go to the right of the screen and click on hiv prevention, there you will find drs and a charge of 15.00,
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