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how long does it take to get a response teak, lizzie

Hi Guys, I posted a question and I still havent received any response an i dont wanna break the rules

Had uprotected sex and in less than a minute I ejaculated and withdrew my penis (after the lady complained of the condom being dry, which I took off as I struggled to keep erect). Day after the both of us took an HIV test. She tested positive and I tested negative. I was encouraged to do the test immediately as I noticed I had a discharge with a burning feeling at the tip of my urethra.I am circumcised but I mastrurbate a lot and noticed my penis is a bit bruised where I grab it for this masturbation. I last masturbated a day before this incident.  I am on PEP and medication for the STD that I contracted at the day of this incident. Does this guarantee that when I picked up the STD I also got infected with HIV? What is the probability of the PEP being successful? How long before I test after completing the medication?

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for starters...we are NOT paid employees and volunteer our time here.  we are not on the forum 24/7.

you can test 3 months after completion of nPEP

***the woman is not positive UNTIL she has a confirmatory test to rule out a false positive***
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hi there, thank you very much for your response and I now understand that you are not on the forum full time. Never the less i apologise  I am just under a lot of stress regarding my stupid behaviour.

I have been reading a lot of comments in the forum and something really challenged me. Is it true that a person can easily contract an STD or STI much easily that HIV? if so Y is it so? Secondly Does a person who is HIV positive and have an STD transmit HIV virus to a HIV negative person more easily? Is that a near guarantee that a carrier of both HIV and STD,STI can transmit HIV much more easily. How deep must a cut or an entry point be for one to contract HIV. Can a cut which is a day or two days old be an entry point for HIV?

Thank you and I trully appreciate your input


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