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i know was a risk,,, or not that much ,, seconds anal insertive

hi all,,, i m dating a married man , he es divorcing know , we have a 10 month story and we always practiced sex with condom,, and we were starting a kind of relation for a long run
last month i inserted him (no condom) ,, lets say for 40 seconds,,,, no hard intercourse ,, no blood etc,,,
today i saw he has a profile in a crousing site ,, manhunt,,, and seems he is exploring some other people
I feel a peace or **** because i was expecting a nice long run relation,,,,,,,,,but also im now freacking TERRIBLE ,, and i cant sleep because i think that 40 second insertive ( THE ONLY 40 SECONDS in my life without condom) got me HIV.
actually we talked about hiv sometimes and he said and her wife had a baby 9 months ago.

is it that im dissapointed with him ,, and then im terrible freaking hiv??? could that 40 seconds **** my life??

thanks for yor help
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pls!!!!!! let me know your view,,, i only slept 4 hs last night,,,,,what a f c k ing desperating anguish,,,

could be that only 40 seconds anal insertive( the only one time in my 40 years) not even hardcore, just topping soft 40 second,,,,its that these leade me get infected???
i cant stop thinking about this
do you think im overdimensioning beacuse to know these guy is to seriusly taking me?
thanks all
You need to take an HIV test.  Take a DUO (Ab/Ag) test at least 28 days after the event to get your result.  No one here can give you odds or guess whether you do or don't have HIV from this event.  Only a test will give you the answer.
Thanks CurfewX I just found these expert, and rememebered me something told me an infectologist years ago.

H. Hunter Handsfield, M.D.Blank
Welcome to the forum.  I think I can help.

Almost everything you say works in your favor.  First, the exposure itself was very low risk.  Even if your partner has HIV, such a brief anal sex exposure almost certainly wasn't sufficient for transmission.  (I'm assuming anal -- you don't say -- but if it was oral, well that's zero risk anyway.)  

With this im not intendinf to DENY de risk of the act I had,,, but its true  A QUANTITY of VIRUS is needed to get infected

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