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i m having a fear tht the nurse reused a needle on me while drawing blood

i had a shave at barber shop and got cut,i was in nsion tht i wil get hiv or hepatitis,i wainted in anxiety for six months,then yesterday i got a test and it came negative,but i thought that i didnt saw the nurse change the needle,though its the best pathology in my city,i m from indiai asked the staff tht do u change the needles and they say that 100% sure we change needles,u dont worry at all,now i m in great anxiety and tension,i cant eat and i cant sleep,when i sleep i get up with nervous heart and feel panic,i have got hard ocd also,but since one year i m feeling tht i m becoming hypochondriac,i m afraid to think tht i wil die and not b able to live with my four yrs old son and wife,plz help me,i m ving ocd since 17 yrs now and not on medication since four yrs,this needle anxiety is killing me.plz help me.now i will again wait for 3 months in anxiety,i m exhausted.plz help me plz.i m slapping and cursing myself tht why did i not see the needle change,.
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You don't have an HIV problem, you have an anxiety problem.  Either you have developed an HIV phobia or you have other things that you're also obsessing over.  I would suggest you consider therapy, and stop worrying about HIV, again, it's not your problem.
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thank you very much for ur support and answer
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You tested over a non risk.  You never needed to test in the first place.  These are the risks for HIV for adults:  if you have unprotected vaginal or anal sex or sharing of IV drug needles. Air inactivates the virus and this is why a barber shop tool would never result in acquiring HIV.   You did not need a test.  Then the scenario of reusing a needle. This really does not happen.  That's usually a sign that someone has great HIV fear and health anxiety. Talk to someone about your anxiety.  
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thanks a lot for ur answer and support
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