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i want to ask about ARS and lymph nodes being somewhat painful when pressed

more exactly i heard that ARS presents with swollen nodes and several other ARS symptoms at the same time. not as an individual symptom.completely on its own.i have a slightly swollen node left neck ,i had 1 in right armpit,gone now,i havent prodded it,the left armpit is very little now due to not prodding it but all 3 were there approx 4 weeks after an unprotected sex episode.so please tell me if the lymph node uilaterrally alone is  a known symptom of ARS.i have had no other signs of ARS and am now 2 mnths post exposure.still a mild sensation in left neckneck and some days[it comes and goes]left armpit.the other fact id like to know is ARS symptoms present for approx 2 weeks so the nodes would have gone in 2 weeks or do they continue as opposed to other ARS symptoms
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Get a 4th generation test now for your conclusive result.  Symptoms don't mean anything, and most ARS symptoms (including lymph swelling) are also symptoms for 1,000 other reasons that have nothing to do with sex or HIV.
thank u for commentig,im aware i need a test but i would like a pretinent answer to the questions i asked.so info i accessed said different things so id like to know if 2 nodes that r a little sore are an indication,i hear that several ars symptoms are present usually and nodes  alone as ive explained doesnt happen.happen,i hear they arnt painful only swollen,id appreciate an accurate and accurate  response.the other side of this its almost 2 months since my act of madness nodes a re still a little tender tender.im suffering extreme stress due to this,extreme could be an understatement.sleep and nightmares so thats why id like a direct answer
Pushing on sensitive spots that aren't supposed to be pushed on is going to hurt. Mine always hurt if I push them so I don't touch them.  You likely don't know how your lymph are supposed to feel so it is best to avoid self diagnosis of disease and test as chima and curfew stated.
thanks for your advice,im aware of lode location.as another person commented dont keep sqeezing them,good advice but this paranoid shell ive become keeps at it.sleeping problems too,i will test.i must wait till 90 days im led to believe to get an accurate 100% result its just over 60 now so......i have 3 weeks to wait although ive heard new tests can detect the virus after 60 ,which are they?
Reread the Curfew advice. 3 months is very outdated, and if you continue to hunt all over the internet you will find varying opinions which will just make you more anxious - we rely on the opinion of expert doctors and do not follow what is said on other sites that you have located.  The first step to peace is to stop googling COLD TURKEY and stop examining your body in a fruitless search for answers that can't be found because that will just make you more anxious.
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This is an HIV risk assessment forum where the volunteers assess risk factors for possible exposure to HIV and recommend testing (or not) based on the guidelines provided by leading experts in HIV science. No one here is a doctor and therefore is not qualified to diagnose your lymph nodes. Asking a bunch of volunteers on an internet forum to diagnose your lymph nodes online is not going to get you a direct answer nor an accurate response. You'll have to go see your doctor for that.

Furthermore, HIV diagnosis is never made by analyzing symptoms alone, but rather by assessment of risk factor and most importantly by HIV test results. Results of an HIV test overrule any symptoms and are therefore the most accurate way to diagnose HIV. Any specialist who truly knows HIV medicine will tell you the same thing.
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