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i want to know about HIV treatment

Very respectfully
       I have a question about HIV. How to know when we have HIV what are the points of HIV does it have any points to be seen with eyes or we can fell it for example does it have headache any fever and is there any medicine for HIV if yes just please tell me the name of that medicine‚Ķ. Thank you so much    
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What was your risk? Earlier you were looking for some dysfunction solution.
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yes sir i was looking for it you all right.... the only problem i have is that my penis is so weak and i am really worry about sometimes think i have HIV sometime think of other illenses i do not know what to do. sir tell me if weakness of penise blongs to HIV
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What was your exposure?
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No ! Penile dysfunction or weak erection has nothing to do with HIV. Follow the advice give to you and move on with your life
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hiv is transmitted through...
unprotected vaginal / anal intercourse
sharing iv drug works
mother to child

hiv doesnt just fall out of the air.  you have to be exposed, through the above mentioned, to someone who is hiv positive.

one does not acquire hiv from masturbating himself ! !
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You have given me the confidence to move on and fined my life thank you  so much from all of you
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i am really happy to see  you helping me and telling me what to do i am more then happy from you God bless you and your familly.
                                 take care
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