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iCare HIV 1&2 rapid home test

G'day guys,

I just want to get some opinions on the iCare HIV home test kits by Jal Innovation (FDA, WHO and USAiD approved).

Are they reliable?

I tested with a HIV duo/combo ab/ag test at a clinic in Australia at around 5 and 1/2 weeks and it came back negative.....this site and Dr. Sean Cummings have stated that at 28days or after this test is 99.89% accurate.

I've since tested myself at home with the iCare kit at 6.5 weeks and 8.5 weeks just for peace of mind.

Both came back negative.

My exposure was really low.

So should I take all these test results as conclusive? Am
I negative?

Are the iCare tests really accurate?
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What exposure?
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Exposure was an open wound and someone else's blood in it.

But also worried as I performed unprotected oral on my wife some weeks after.

From what I've read though, sports is a very low risk as is oral sex being a very very low risk ( as per this site).
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That was not a risk unless to gaping open wounds come together in direct contact.
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Oh I know the risk was ssssooo low!

I just wanted to really know what people thought of the icare home tests.

I take my duo test results as pretty much gospel and wanted to know whether the icare home test can be read as confirmatory.
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The only test I know that is approved for home use is home access & the recently approved rapid test which can be purchased over the counter in the USA.
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Ah okay, I might do more research on the test and the manufacture.

Just a question....why is the duo test considered conclusive or 99% accurate at 28 days here but other sites and country authorities say 12 weeks?

The cdc says 12 weeks, aids Vancouver says 12 weeks...etc.

I've heard French authorities say 6 weeks....Seems all confusing.

This site speaks of the duo test and I've heard it's the norm test in Australia...so why the different periods?
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Because Europe & Australia have been using the DUO test alot longer than the USA have & have done research and studies which suggest that it is extremely accurate at 4 weeks post--exposure,some doctors are even prepared to say it's conclusive.
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The test is not FDA approved.
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Even in Australia my gp has said 12 weeks aswell as the pathology report.

Is he being overly cautious and following the outdated cdc guidelines even though I tested with a duo test?....a lot of experts post on this site has stated 28 days or after a Duo test is 99.89% accurate.

Teak - sorry, yes the test is only Who and Usaid approved.

Could it still be used as a "peace of mind" test in my case?...considering my exposure was low/pretty much non existent.

Also I've seen that protected sex with a condom and oral sexy are classed as low risk if no risk at all.....is that correct? I question it again as there is conflicting info everywhere!

Sorry for all the questions and I greatly appreciate your answers.

As you can tell I suffer from anxiety and always stress on the worst case scenario.

So again I apologize and thank you for the responses.
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You never had an exposure.
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I know that I was just asking the validity of the home tests.

The validity of the reduced window period with the duo test.

Aswell as wanting to know what the correct info is for protected sex aswell as unprotected oral.

There seems to be so much conflicting info around, just want to be set straight.....regardless of my exposure.

Btw my response is no way meant to be taken as rude of what not, just trying to state my enquiry.
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There is a difference between "early" detection capabilities of a test and "conclusivity" of a negative test.
A "conclusive" negative test is a garden variety antibody test at 12 weeks.
As it stands, I cannot give a pass on anything earlier than 12 weeks.

"Aswell as wanting to know what the correct info is for protected sex aswell as unprotected oral. "

Facts and scientific evidence are correct. There has not been one scientifically proven instance of HIV transmission via oral sex. The reports on the occasional instance of infection are anecdotal, and due to the benefit of the doubt are recorded as remote possibilities. But in the real world oral sex is not a way of transmission.
Protected insertive sex is 100% safe as long as the condom does not break .
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