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im i hiv free sir

hi sir your help in answering my doubts are greatly appreciated, sir on 6/04/2014, i had a exposure, unprotected sex with a massage girl, vietnamise, 10 ten later i did a hiv 1,2 test elisa-negative, 20 ez trust rapid test, negative, 50 days after exposure did a western blot test, it says negative for antibody and antigen, after that 10 ez trust rapid test negative 90 day cmia hiv test plus stud, hiv was negative but positive for herpes type 1, i guess thats why my tounge turn whitesih, till now in still doing rapid test for hiv and still negative, sir im i free of hiv, in regars the herpes they no vaccine, will they will be soon, positive at 1.55, what shall i do sir im going very tired and crazy. pls help
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Your 90 day test was conclusive. You did NOT acquire HUG from the encounter you describe.
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thanks sir for the reply, sir lastly can i ask is it true that once 3 months or after 90 days hiv infection can be ruled out, how true is that, coz many says 6 months, some 1 year, some even check evey 6 months till 2 years. thanks sir
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One of the other posters brought the fact that you used the ez trust test. Apparently these tests are not considered accurate and are not approved by the U.S. FDA. I would recommend going to your local STD/HIV clinic to ensure you are submitting a reputable test. Thank you to shaunw84 for catching that.
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hi sir but i still did my lab test using cmia method to check to check ab/ag at 90 days, and till today whether using the ez trust rapid test,  i still go to the gov hospital here in my country using their rapid test kit last was about 4 days days ago, negative and im already 8 months after the exposure
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if your 90 day negative was a DUO Test, then thsy result was final and conclusive. No more testing, you are not infected.
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thanks sir, have a gud day
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It's great news!  Be well.
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thanks bro the whole episode or ordeal has made the whole 2014 seems black, i have learned my lesson very well, and i guess its time for me to move on, i also lost my job in this period, thanks shaunw84, have a blessed christmas and a wonderfull year ahead, god bless
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hi bro no u know anything about the upcoming herpes vaccine
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