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incertive oral sex and blood in the guys mouth

Hi, Yesterday I had a guy giving a blowjob and before we finished I notice there was blood in my penis around the shaft and I quickly clean it up so i looked for cut and it wasn't my blood it was from the guy and He said he had cut his lips, I am not really sure what is his HIV status as it was really causal and everything happend very fast, I am not sure either how long my penis was inside his mouth and how much blood there were in his mouth. I am very concern. Please, I looked for everywhere online and it only says about the receptive oral sex but very little about Incertive. I know how low risk is for incertive but what about the blood? Hope somebody can help me...
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Insertive oral sex isn't low risk - it is NO RISK.  It doesn't matter if his lips, mouth, etc., were bleeding or not.

The only sexual risk is having unprotected anal or vaginal sex.  You can safely ignore any other event.
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thank you for your answer and sorry for the delay to answer, but I was so nervous I completly forgot I asked it....
I am really concerned about the blood as i was reasing and it says that the Saliva would kill the virus but I was thinking it it is when the person is HIV negative so the cells would kill any strange body that comes in contact with it... but what about a HIV positive where the sistem already recognise the virus and the virus is already in the Saliva, I know it's kind of overthinking but it wouldn't be a strange body for the sistem if it is already in there.
No amount of "what if?" thinking can turn this event into a risk for HIV.
Thank you very much! I really appreciate it... Most of the time the fear and the inner saboteur makes a situation bigger than it really is. Thank you for your help!
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