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infecting others

I forgot to mention that my risks were high/low risk heterosexual encounters with women in my first post.  As well, since those experiences, a woman with whom I have been intimately engaged (oral sex performed on me) has shown similar symptoms- coating on the tongue, weakened chest muscles (breast sagging) and stomach extension (mal absorption?). I hope my two posts do not waste anyone's time and I graciously extend my appreciation to those who read them and respond.
With genuine sincerity, day2day2009  
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breasts sagging?  mal absorption?  geeeeeeeeez...you need to get off the internet ! ! !

if you had unprotected vaginal/anal intercourse...you need to test 3 months post your LAST exposure for a conclusive test result.

oral sex is not a means of transmitting/contracting hiv.

by the way...you do not need to start a new post every time...you can simply add to your original post.
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Thank you Lizzie- I am new at this forum and forums in general. I just noticed similar symptoms in her that I saw in me- my torso losing its shape (my chest sagging and my stomach getting rounder)- as well as the tongue issue. And it coincides with the last time we were together.  Could we both have something else?? With thanks      
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since when does sagging chest and round stomach point to hiv infection?   sounds like you need to start exercising :)

again...IF YOU HAD UNPROTECTED VAGINAL/ANAL INTERCOURSE...you need to test.  you cannot diagnose hiv by symptoms.
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Yes- exercise is always a good idea- perhaps I need to lay off the potato chips as well!  Just kidding.  The risks I had were- Unprotected vaginal intercourse (April); condom breaking (end of May); unprotected fisting with vaginal secretion on the tip of my penis and shaft (from touching myself with the hand I used) as well as fingers in my mouth (mid May and early June).  I was tested at the proper intervals for all these encounters- the last test being Sept 12- approximately 13 weeks after being diagnosed with oral thrush on June 11th. thank you muchly
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you have a conclusive test result...now move along.
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Thank you Lizzie Lou- my best to you and your family. By the way- are you familiar with the rapid test used in Ontario? it is the Insti test.  It is supposedly quite accurate.
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