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infos for hiv rash

could anyone give details for hiv rash? how long after exposure and  for how many days you can see it?
perhaps a link with foto? thanx
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A. 2 to 4 weeks post-exposure. B.1 to 2 weeks C. google it,there are a million pictures of it.
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thanx a lot
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No problem--All the best.
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sorry if i ask question in here... but do hiv rash comes along other symptoms... because i still have this rash in my arm...
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Yes,very high fevers and very sore throat.
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your "symptoms" are NOT hiv related.


you never put yourself at risk.
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When rash shows up and fewer has to ne acompanyed.  Same time?
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Start your own thread.
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excuse me for silly questions but i want to know if ointment for mouth herpes can affect window period. also alcohol or hash. or whatever else?
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