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invisible particles of blood on cigarette filter

On holiday me and my friends rented motorcycles. One of my friends slightly fall and damaged one his palm, so it was bleeding. He sucked  blood and smeared this on it.  After blood had stopped there were relatively dry (possibly with his saliva) traces of blood on his fingers. He took a cigarette from a pack at once. After him I took one also. He could dirty neighbouring "sticks of health". Thus I checked my cigarette, it was white, presumably dry, without visible red traces. Then I smoked it out. Recently I came to know my friend is positive. Could you please tell what was the risk for me to contract HIV from him? What if there were invisible particles of fluid with virus or particles of virus from his palm on my cigarette filter?
I eagerly look forward to your reply. Thank you.
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my hiv positive son was bleeding from his arm the other night.  he got it on a pillow on the couch.  i wet a rag and cleaned it up :)

you are fine...
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these post are getting a little ridiculous i will say it again GET EDUCATED ON HIV and then you might learn something NEW
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Could you please give me a link to appropriate tutorial?
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Hey Cyberperson,  this is a good start :  


HIV wouldn't be transmitted in the way you asked...It becomes unable to infect within several seconds of hitting the air assuming it's not in a "puddle" of blood.
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"invisible particles of blood?" move on.
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It concerns sexual transmission only. However it's also useful. Thanks!
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