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is HIV test accuracy

Hi All,
I would really like someone to help me with this. About 3 months ago first week of Sep 11, I did a terrible mistake of my life where I was intoxicated and engaged in a sex act with a sex worker. I remember having unprotected oral sex and then she did insert a condom just before we had vaginal sex. However the moment i did connect, i was very drunk and ejaculated straight away, i then got up and moved and told her that i would like to leave and left. I felt terrible about this incident and started getting worried. About two weeks later, I developed a sore throat and was given antibiotics. I took the whole course. I felt weird pain in my jaw, neck and glands. Not sure if that was an ARS sign or just my anxiety. I took a test for HIV at two weeks and it was negative ruling out any previous infection. In about 6 weeks post exposure i took HIV duo combo test and i came back Non Reactive for HIV 1 / 2. I was still anxious and finally decided to take a HIV test at exactly 12 ½ weeks post exposure and again i took a HIV DUO test which came back non reactive/negative.  Now about 16 weeks post exposure, I have developed rashes on my chest, upperback/shoulders and random areas of my stomach. I did use a hair removal cream 3 weeks ago and my skin around those areas became red and probably a reaction to that could have been rashes now which have almost dried and some new ones popping up as the hair grows. Please help me on these questions. Any response would be very comforting at this point as my anxiety is taking over high.
1) Are the test results which I took previously enough and can i move on? Do i need another test at 6 months.
2) I took Aropax as OCD medication for two years. Would that have had any effect on my test results previously? (Although I stopped aropax atleast 4 months prior to this exposure)
3) I have been to the doctors atleast 10 times in the last 3 months and feel terrible to disturb him in regards to these rashes. I may need to use a new doctor.
4) Can you please advise if antibodies can be produced in the form of just rashes after 16 weeks? Please advise.
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first off you never had a risk

3...if you are having health concerns, see a dr...its not hiv related

you don't have hiv
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Thank you LIZZIE LOU for your reply. It is comforting to know this. So  just clarfying the answer to my first question i assume you meant i do not need a 6 month test. Is that correct? Please advise. Thank you heaps.
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3 months is conclusive...6 month test is NOT needed
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one more question Lizzie, I read somewhere in the internet that if you are one of those rare people who exprienced flu like symptoms after exposure then you may need a six month test to rule out any possible infection. I got really worried after reading that as 3 week post exposure I had sore throat which i took antibiotics for and I also had unusual jaw pains. I remember recording my temperature constantly which was 36.7 C and never changed. I had constant neck pain. Do i need a six month test please advise.
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3 months is conclusive...6 month test is NOT needed
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