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is dry cough common in acute hiv infection?

I've had this dry cough that has been going on for 3 weeks now and it began after a possible exposure from receptive oral sex. I've never had this type of cough before and it didn't last this long usually. Together with this cough,  I had diarrhea, muscle pain, headache and fever 2 weeks after.

1. ARS presents as flu-like symptoms. Does this include dry cough?
2. When does dry cough present among HIV patients? Early or late infection?
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Irregardless of symptom receiving oral sex is not a risk for HIV. Its not the symptom that needs to be assessed but the risk exposure.
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Thanks for your response!

Does that mean that it is not a low risk activity either? Regardless of ejaculation, mouth sore and other factors?
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Let me just put it this way since the discovery of HIV no one has acquired it by receiving oral sex. No one! There is some controversey with regards to giving so your partner is at more risk giving it to you (theoretically) than you receiving it from her.
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Just to clear, we're both guys. And by receptive, I was the one who did the sucking.
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Still the same assesment no risk
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Could you clarify on this point:

"There is some controversey with regards to giving so your partner is at more risk giving it to you (theoretically) than you receiving it from her"

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There are people that claim they got HIV by giving oral sex. You can google it. But the science disapproves them. There are so many studies that say oral sex is not a risk whether giving or receiving. You can back read in the expert forum. Dr handsfield and dr hook are among the top std expert in the world. They have never had a patient whose sole exposure is oral sex. They do not even recommend testing. There was also an old poster here his name is teak he is HIV positive and a lecturer regarding HIV and as his stance and everyone here on medhelp. Oral sex is not a risk for HIV.
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*disproves them
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