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is elisa hiv test reliable after three months of exposure

Hi, I have oral and genital herpes since 2005.  It's being almost four months since I had vaginal and oral sex with a woman four years older than me without protection.  she pass me gonorrea and when i told her about it she said she does not have gonorrea.  before  penisilin injection antibiotic medication I realized a culture and it didn't show gonorrea infection. after this Iwas treated with oral antibiotics for a month.  When diagnose with gonorrea I realized all ETS blood and culture test, including hiv elisa blood test.  I told the woman to realize herself the same test. She said she just realized the gonorrea test and that she was negative.  then I told her to realize elisa hiv test and she said she would but she haven't yet by telling me she would do it but then she refuses my calls. every blood test I did  show negative.  then I waited three months to realize another elisa and it was negative too.  I also realize a CBC test and everything was normal.
Still, I had read a lot of information about symptoms and posibilities, and since the exposure I had have like three episodes of genital herpes and one oral.  I had also felt some of the early symptoms of hiv and i'm very worried to be infected  by the virus and that the elisa test after three months wasn't accurate.  
I don't know if I am confusing stress symptoms by thinking that i'm infected or if this symptoms are real hiv symptoms.  this four month had being very stressfull. . .my major worry is that the woman have hiv and thats the reason she is refusing doing the hiv test

What should I do? Should I trust the three month elisa test?
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Of course you should trust it. You don't have HIV if you had a negative at 3 months post your last exposure.
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you are conclusively negative.  whatever symptoms you're having...they are NOT related to hiv.
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I just wanted to say that on my information says im a female and im a male, how can i fix that

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hello, im a male, does that change your answer opinion?  my information panel is wrong, how can i change it?

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NO.  I already answered this in the other thread you posted.  Try and keep it in one thread bro.
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thanks a lot, i really feel much comfortable now. . .
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