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is it possible to have hiv...

I know this question is all over the place but please hear me out and please don't judge.

I'm 20 and about three years ago I was raped. I know it was stupid of me, but i never told/got checked out/told absolutely anyone or anything. I never thought of it again until a few months ago I got a yeast infection, got medicated and then about two months after that I got another one after being stressed from away from home and in another state..(i get homesick easily and absolutely hate being away)... now I'm from a poor-ish family so I cannot pay for doctor visits, etc. I just used over the counter medication. I've also had some tingling in feet, I've never had a rash anywhere.. those seem to be the only 'symptoms' I have. I read this could be a symptom too?

Now, I'm also at risk for diabetes. My mom has high blood pressure, my brother low blood pressure. Over the course of these past three years I've gained about 50 lbs. I also was a big girl in school, around 10th grade (5 years ago) I had lost about 70lbs due to me doing nothing to lose it, it was unexpected over the course of 5 months... My mom said this could of been do to diabetes..Now, all these symptoms seem to be coming when I've been really stressed from having to watch 3 toddlers for the past 4 months since my brother is in the army overseas. I've never been this stressed in my complete life. I also read somewhere that a few weeks after getting the infection you get sick with the flu like. About 2-3 months after I came down with pneumonia...if that has anything to do with it..

Please, I am freaking out so bad this past month keeping this to myself. If anyone could give me some insight..I never thought I could have HIV until i read the boxes on monistat and looked up symptoms. I know I should tell my mom and get tested.. I'm just truly freaked out. I don't know what to do anymore.
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Sorry to hear abt that. Get tested now. There are clinics which are government sponsored and test for free. just get hold of one. I pray you have a negative result. I believe u will be.
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thank you so much for your response.

You believe I'll be negative? God I hope so. Do you think I am just overreacting? I looked up a clinic and there is one that gives free tests close to my town. I'll just have to get up the courage to tell my mom and wait till Monday.
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Hi again. You will be negative. On monday go test. Get your Negative result come and post it and we pop some champagne together.
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